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In the digital age, as tools such as computers, tablets and smartphones are a main tool for self expression, we tend to lean towards vigurous articulations. our drawer/private-zone often takes on a virtual/digital form.


Since the possibility of creating a personal blog, tweeting, or posting - it seems as if we are constantly practicing new verbs and using more platforms that unveil the contents of our 'drawer'.


Every participant in the exhibition recieved a 'wall area' fitting the proposal they sent and the size of the proposed work. the viewer's experience is supposed to simulate a walk through a multiple-participant thought-drawer, wall that speak many languages, all in Hebrew.


The curated process is challening, open and inclusive. the purpose of the exhibition is to examine fields, thoughts and combinations, to add a second appearence to the artistic expression.  


Written On The Wall

Beit-Kaner Municipal Gallery, 2014

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