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אפי גן - אוצרת אמנות

טקסט בעברית


B.A. in Literature and Geography from the Hebrew university of Jerusalem, M.A. in Philosophy and Digital Culture from Tel-Aviv University. Certifications in interior-design and curating studies. 


Curated exhibitions in public and private spaces since 2000. Between 2005-2007 served as curator for the Yad-Lebanim Gallery in Ramat-Hasharon, and art program manager in the municipality. Headed the municipality's 'Open Studio' in its early years. Since 2007 serving as curator of the Municipal Gallery if Rishom-Lezion and the art program manager in the municipality.

Additionally Curating exhibitions in different spaces (Beit-Ha'amanim, The Hebrew-Arab Theatre, Red House Gallery, The Cite' Gallery in Paris, etc.). 

Parallel to working as a curator, frequently leading guided art tours in studios, and galleries, assisting artists in forming their body of work and advising art collectors. In spare time, blogging and posting online art and culture review.



In order to comprehend the language of contemporary art, one must be equipped with eyes wide-open (figuratively speaking) and a constant awareness to contexts and references. Only then may appreciation, criticism and measurement follow.


The purpose of this website is to open a window to my work, as I am sharing 15 years of my activity in the curating field. I focused on initiating curative projects through working with hundreds of Israeli artists, writing about their work, curating thematic group exhibitions, positioning in different spaces and working within the public domain.


In my new Blog, I write current art reviews and recommendations.

In the Paris-Diaries I share some of my experiences during the time of my residency in Paris, appointed by the Ministry of Culture.

The solo and groups exhibitions presented in the site are a small selection from a large sum of exhibitions I have curated.

Efi Gen - Art Curator


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