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Words are actively present in nearly every contemporary artist's body of work.

The exhibition presents selected work within the context of words, language and image.

this context is present with many artists, forever bubbling.

The intention if 'Words at Eye-Level' is to direct the view towards the language, to inspect its relation to image and simultaneously to try and strengthen bonds of language and image to space.


Eye-Level is a point of reference. If the work of art is dependent on having the viewer's eye-level at it's center, then it is proven to be well placed. In colloquial phrasing, 'eye-level talk' indicates clear and understandable way of communication. Speech needs interperative eyes, and the work of art is also searching for the viewer's gaze, the viewr's eye-level, and indeed - 'Words at Eye-Level' aims for what is clear and percepted by the viewer.



Words at Eye Level

Beit-Kaner Municipal Gallery, 2008

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