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A sense of neccessity and urgency accompanied my decision to curate an exhibition within the gallery in Um El-fachem. It was important to curate an exhibition that will intimate a strong connection to life.


The exhibit revolves around a local, personal yet universal ritual: The ritual of wounds and bandages. we are being physically and/or emotionally wounded and bandaged at the same time, in different locations. three unequal phases assemble the ritual: Wound, pain and bandaging. the experience of pain is is personal and at the same time very universal.


The wound is the visual appearence and the blunt evidence of pain. wounds are without borders, gathering endless points of pain, and many possibilities of bandaging. Bandages are designed for healing and recovering, only the they may occasionally set the platform for the next wound. 


The exhibitions brings forth a sample of contemporary works by israeli artists: arab and jewish, working separately and also together, exploring the concepts of wounds, pain and bandages. the viewer does not know which is the next wound they will encounter: the personal wound? a national wound? the wound of thy neighbor? or perhaps the pain of the attempts to tear apart and recover? the works of the exhibit form a representative sample of the terrible richness of wounds and pain, but they are directed to a possibility of recovery. to bandaging and amending.      

Wounds & Bandages

Beit-Kaner Municipal Gallery, 2014

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